Basis for Final Grade:

Two  600 wd. travel articles  (30%)

One travel video or 10 photo slideshow with short captions(15%)

Three guest blogs (15%)

Four quizzes (20%)

Final podcast  (15%)

Web design (5%)

Note: Since this is a short semester – a doctor’s note must be presented for any missed class. If more than one class is missed, you may be asked to drop the course.

                         Grading criteria  for half moon bay Assignment
1-2 minute creative video or 10 photo slideshow with short captions that don’t run off the slide. In either case, you’re showing your viewers what’s special about this destination and putting them in this place. The object is to entertain and inform. 
                                  Grading for first person narratives

20% for a strong headline and a compelling, scene-setter lead

50% for a grammatically correct story that establishes a sense of place using quotes and at least one each of these literary tools: metaphor, simile and alliteration

10% for an ending that circles back to the beginning

20% for photos and/or video

Grading for  radio vignette

50% for lead, facts and content

50% for presentation (audio levels, mistake-free delivery)

 Present tense

Music or other sound  at beginning and end

At least one sound bite from an interview – more is better

No first person

2-3 minutes max

Any radio vignettes NOT using photos or video must be uploaded to SOUNDCLOUD and then posted on your site.

EXTRA credit for visuals that sync with audio (uploaded to your site via youtube)



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