Posted by: Ginny Prior | February 9, 2013

SMC Travelers produce radio vignettes for NPR’s Audiolog

The 150th anniversary feature will air on Tom Wilmer’s popular NPR radio show Audiolog in late February (time and date TBA). Below are some of the audio podcasts (many with extra credit videos) that will be used in the one hour special. Alexia Jarvis, who works in the library archives, kicks off the show with this highlight of Saint Mary’s history and traditions:

Michael McDonough sits down with SMC’s longest serving President – Brother Mel Anderson – for this Audiolog segment:

Brother Mel Anderson interview

Declan Wolfe takes a deeper look at the LaSallian Tradition with Brother Dom Berardelli:

The Brothers serve as educators around the world. In this segment, Mariah Miller interviews SMC President Brother Ronald Gallagher:


Many of the Brothers serve as resident directors in student housing. Alex Lopez tells us more in this vignette:

The Christian Brothers are known for their wine making. In this vignette, Brianne Reilly looks at the history of this rich tradition:

Christian Brothers Wine

Stressed out? Stephanie Artesi offers this feature on meditation with Brother Camillus Chavez:

Speaking of serenity, Claire Grayeb interviews art historian Pam Thomas about Saint Mary’s chapel:

Saint Mary’s is known for its sports. In this special, Sam Salzinger brings Gaels rugby to life:

Gaels Rugby

Katherine Crawford gives us a front row seat to one of Saint Mary’s most popular events – Gaels basketball:

Gaels basketball

Culturally, Saint Mary’s is known for its collection of fine art. Here is Karena Villa with a look at the Hearst Museum:

Hearst Museum

Saint Mary’s theater program is renowned – in it’s own right. Katie Maccariello looks at one popular play, in particular:

Saint Mary’s students are a close knit bunch – right down to graduation day and the way they celebrate. Here is Ashley Rathje with a feature on plot celebrations:

Plot Celebrations

Jamie Douglas finds peace in Saint Mary’s Redwood Grove:

Redwood Grove

And finally, Max Crowell opens our eyes to the wildlife in Moraga:



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