Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 10, 2012

Photo by Esteban Hollister

Photo by Esteban Hollister

Welcome to the Saint Mary’s College website for “Around the world in 28 days”. Join us as we take you llama-trekking in Redwood Regional Park, wine-tasting at the site of Sonoma’s first mission, exploring on the wild San Mateo coast and rumbling through the streets of San Francisco in a boat on wheels. Students taking this 2015 Jan Term class will also find information about our guests, class assignments and more on this site.

Posted by: Ginny Prior | February 9, 2013

SMC Travelers produce radio vignettes for NPR’s Audiolog

The 150th anniversary feature will air on Tom Wilmer’s popular NPR radio show Audiolog in late February (time and date TBA). Below are some of the audio podcasts (many with extra credit videos) that will be used in the one hour special. Alexia Jarvis, who works in the library archives, kicks off the show with this highlight of Saint Mary’s history and traditions:

Michael McDonough sits down with SMC’s longest serving President – Brother Mel Anderson – for this Audiolog segment:

Brother Mel Anderson interview

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Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 30, 2013

A San Francisco Treat: Seeing the City by Duck Boat

"Captain Jarvis" pilots the "boat"

“Captain Jarvis” pilots the “boat”

By Alexia Jarvis

Diving into water? Sure.  But driving into water?  Usually that is something you aim to avoid, unless you are safely tucked in an amphibious World War II vehicle called a DUKW (Duck) boat.  So when the captain of my DUKW boat tour pointed the would be bow towards the grey water, and the wheels slowly rolled into the bay part of me was certain the metal behemoth was going to plop into the bay and sink like a rock.  But it did just the opposite.

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Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 23, 2013

SMC Travelers explore Trip Advisor’s top U.S. wine destination

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 2.05.47 PM

Our intrepid travelers meet the public relations experts at the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau and get ready to cover the town for their travel blogs. Here are links to some of their articles:

Below is the video that student Jamie Douglas made of her adventures:

Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 18, 2013

The Pride of Sonoma

By Karena Villa

Sonoma, California is  a vibrant town equally rich in exquisite wines, as well as, Californian history. Sonoma sits comfortably between the towns of Napa, American Canyon, and Petaluma in the greater bay area of Northern California. Sonoma is the number one wine destination in the United States and the second wine destination world-wide. Home to a vast array of culinary delights, delectable confectioneries,  over one hundred renowned wineries, and dozens of historical sites, Sonoma will enrich your taste buds and cultivate your appreciation for Californian history. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE: California.


Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 17, 2013

Five Sweet Sonoma Destinations

Photo by Michael McDonough

Photo by Michael McDonough

By Gia Brusa

Historically, the city of Sonoma boasts a long list of impressive facts. Not only was it originally inhabited by the native Miwok, Pomo and Wintun Indian tribes, but it was also the location of the northernmost California Mission, Mission San Francisco Solano. Currently Sonoma still plays a significant role in the establishment of modern history as well.


Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 16, 2013

Livermore, CA- More than just wine country

First Street Alehouse

First Street Alehouse

By Jamie Douglas

Livermore is an old ranch town converted into a modern city with a small, but hip downtown space.  While many people visit Livermore’s wine country to taste at one of 50+ wineries in city limits, there are a few select attractions worth sprinkling between those barrel rooms.

Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 16, 2013

Exploring Portland: Mariah Miller’s top five list

Powell's Books in Portland

Powell’s Books in Portland

By Mariah Miller

By now you’ve probably heard of the city of Portland, be it through the parody Portlandia or just as that rainy city between San Francisco and Seattle. If either of these things doesn’t put you off visiting, here are the top five things to do in the City of Roses:

Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 15, 2013

Five “hot spots” in Omaha

The prairie city of Omaha at dusk

The prairie city of Omaha at dusk

By Sam Salzinger

A growing city, surrounded by the Great Plains, is not a place you call a tourist attraction. Aside from hosting the Olympic swimming trials, the College World Series, and home to America’s top-rated Henry Doorly Zoo (yes, it surpassed the San Diego Zoo), Omaha is generally a city no one has a reason to go to. What if that wasn’t the case?

Here are 5 must-see spots in Omaha.

Posted by: Ginny Prior | January 14, 2013

Surprising Oakland – Five things to celebrate

One of Oakland's celebrated food trucks

One of Oakland’s celebrated food trucks

By De Vonna Jacobs

Oakland, though usually covered for all its negative features, is actually a nice  place to grow up or visit. Oakland is the home to many food, art and creative outlets – hidden and waiting to be discovered.  Here are a few places you must go to when you stop in Oakland.

Jeffrey, Don, Sam and Declan

Jeffrey, Don, Sam and Declan

By Sam Salzinger

Over sixty countries, six hundred articles, and numerous features in anthologies, Don George is an expert travel journalist and editor. It was truly a privilege to have listened to his discussion.

Don began his career as a journalist in 1980 with the San Francisco Examiner (now known as the San Francisco Chronicle) writing its travel column. At the time, the staff was operated by only a handful of people, so Don considered this opportunity extremely fortunate. He was able to progress as an editor and never looked back. He worked for the paper until 1997. Read More…

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